Cordiant Business CA

The tyre tread pattern has been designed for light- trucks and intended for all-season driving.

The middle rib and cleat element packages are provided with a large number of facets with different inclinations toward the tyre equator to ensure the proper stability and controllability of the vehicle.

The tyre middle ribs are provided with wide blind trapezium-shaped grooves radiating towards the circumferential zigzag grooves, which improves the tyre self-cleaning properties when used on muddy road.

The reinforced double-layer carcass of Cordiant Business CA ensured exceptional reliability during the tyre entyre life.

The homologation tests performed by our partners showed that Cordiant Business CA tyres provide a mileage of at least 100 000 km.*

With observation of the tyre operating conditions included in the productinfo on Cordiant website.

Sizes R14 R15 R16


Load index

Speed index





Load index

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3D Mod — 3D computer modeling

3D Mod is 3D computer modeling of tyres used to optimize the tread design, materials and tyre characteristics.

Contact with road

Contact with the road surface. The increased contact patch increases the coefficient of adhesion with the surface, thus reducing the braking distance and improve the car's handling.

Double Tread

Two-layer design protektora- racetrack, wearing parts, made of special rubber compound and a base layer made of rubber with minimal hysteresis loss. This structure allows the operational reliability, safety and economy of the tire.

Dual Nylon&Steel

Tire breaker combined structure. Two layers of high-strength steel cord and protective layer of a textile cord with a helical winding give a special tire durability and reliability, resistance to puncture, improved handling and stabilization forms, and improved reliability and safety.