Cordiant Business CW 2

Cordiant Business CW 2 – tyres engineered for use in severe winter conditions.

Maximum reliability and safety of commercial cargo and passenger transportation.

Main improvements in the development of Cordiant Business CW 2 are maximum safety on winter road and better handling in icy conditions:

• High grip with the road surface on ice and snow – best braking performance in diffcult road conditions.

• Increased course stability and handling.

• Low wear of the tread pattern by achieving the optimum combination of the width of the grooves and the size of tread pattern blocks.

Sizes R15 R16


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Load index

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10 Stud Rows

Spikes mounted on the bus in 10 rows. Improved braking and accelerating dynamics on icy and snowy winter road.

3D Mod — 3D computer modeling

3D Mod is 3D computer modeling of tyres used to optimize the tread design, materials and tyre characteristics.

Double Tread

Two-layer design protektora- racetrack, wearing parts, made of special rubber compound and a base layer made of rubber with minimal hysteresis loss. This structure allows the operational reliability, safety and economy of the tire.

Dual Nylon&Steel

Tire breaker combined structure. Two layers of high-strength steel cord and protective layer of a textile cord with a helical winding give a special tire durability and reliability, resistance to puncture, improved handling and stabilization forms, and improved reliability and safety.


Directional tread has good self-cleaning, high braking and traction properties, ensures excellent handling and stability of the vehicle.

Smart W

A special winter rubber compound with a perfectly balanced performance softness, adhesion, wear resistance and strength properties.

Uniq Studs

Spiking unique spikes in the form of a "star". Spiking made two-flanged thorn under strict control of the producer. These spikes provide increased safety on icy and snowy roads. For reliable cleat used two-layer fixation and special "anchor" landing.

Zz Lamels

Z-shaped slats. High traction tires with winter road surface is provided by extra edges and high tread siping.