Cordiant Snow Cross

Confdence on winter roads.

Cordiant Snow Cross – studded tyres for extreme winter conditions.

• Matchless grip and safety on ice

• Safe driving and high performance on the snow

• The tyres are ready for extreme winter conditions

New rubber compound with an increased percentageof silica fller allows to make tyres softer and more effective at extremely low temperatures and improves winter performance on ice and snow as well as wet road grip during thaw period.

Cordiant technologies provide maximum safety and predictable handling on winter road.

Sizes R13 R14 R15 R16 R17 R18


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Load index

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16 Stud Rows

Spikes mounted on the bus in 16 rows. Excellent braking and accelerating dynamics on icy and snowy winter road.

3D Mod

3D Mod is 3D computer modeling of tyres used to optimize the tread design, materials and tyre characteristics.

Contact with road

Contact with the road surface. The increased contact patch increases the coefficient of adhesion with the surface, thus reducing the braking distance and improve the car's handling.

Double Tread

Two-layer design protektora- racetrack, wearing parts, made of special rubber compound and a base layer made of rubber with minimal hysteresis loss. This structure allows the operational reliability, safety and economy of the tire.

Dual Nylon&Steel

Tire breaker combined structure. Two layers of high-strength steel cord and protective layer of a textile cord with a helical winding give a special tire durability and reliability, resistance to puncture, improved handling and stabilization forms, and improved reliability and safety.


ICE-COR includes 16 stud rows, which are arranged asymmetrically to alternately come into contact with the road, with at least 10 studs constantly covered by the contact patch, thus preventing the tyre slipping in any direction.

Improved water drainage

Improved drainage of water from the contact patch improves the characteristics of vehicle behavior on a wet road, providing better handling car.


Directional tread has good self-cleaning, high braking and traction properties, ensures excellent handling and stability of the vehicle.


A unique blend based on carbon black and silica, which increases the grip of the tire the road compared to a conventional rubber mixture through the use of SMART-MIX® technology tire grip with ice and snow is increased by 7%.


SNOW-COR provides an oriented tread pattern in form of beams radiating from the tyre center, which allows to squeeze snow and water from the contact patch.


SPIKE-COR - The unique design of the spike body prevents its rotation in the tyre, increasing the reliability of the spike and providing improved grip on winter road. Octagonal shape of the core made of tungsten carbide due to the increased number of edges improves traction characteristics on winter road.

Zz Lamels

Z-shaped slats. High traction tires with winter road surface is provided by extra edges and high tread siping.