Cordiant All-Terrain

Comfort and safety regardless of surface type

Cordiant All-Terrain easily withstands any weather conditions and is suitable for different type of road surface.

A combination of tread pattern features and modern rational design provides the excellent tyre safety, dynamics and comfort.

Sizes R15 R16


Load index

Speed index





Load index

Speed index




3D Mod

3D Mod is 3D computer modeling of tyres used to optimize the tread design, materials and tyre characteristics.

Contact with road

Contact with the road surface. The increased contact patch increases the coefficient of adhesion with the surface, thus reducing the braking distance and improve the car's handling.

Dissymmetric drawing

An asymmetrical tread pattern, on the one hand, allows the tire to rapidly bring water from the contact area, and on the other, it provides excellent traction even in the most difficult turn.

The good directional stability Through the use of a wide center rib

high traction properties of tires on pavement and off-road light Due to massive shoulder ribs, consisting of separate pieces.

Excellent grip Thanks to the use of thin slats improved water drainage in the contact area , which increases the grip on the light off-road and asphalt in any weather.