Cordiant Comfort 2

Driving pleasure on imperfect roads is real with Cordiant Comfort 2.

Cordiant Comfort 2 is a set of Cordiant COR-technologies that will ensure reliable tread-grip properties and safety as well as a high level of comfort.

According to the European labelling standards, Cordiant Comfort 2 tyres scored mark "A" for wet grip performance.

Sizes R13 R14 R15 R16 R17 R18


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3D Mod

3D Mod is 3D computer modeling of tyres used to optimize the tread design, materials and tyre characteristics.

Contact with road

Contact with the road surface. The increased contact patch increases the coefficient of adhesion with the surface, thus reducing the braking distance and improve the car's handling.

Dissymmetric drawing

An asymmetrical tread pattern, on the one hand, allows the tire to rapidly bring water from the contact area, and on the other, it provides excellent traction even in the most difficult turn.


DRY-COR is a technology used to achieve extra precise vehicle control while driving. Stiff shoulder ribs prevent the tyre cornering deformation, preserving contact patch and tyre grip stability and allowing to avoid skidding / spinning.


FLEX-COR - new technologies for comfortable driving on the damaged and poor-quality road surface.


WET-COR is a technology used for reliable and safe driving on wet roads during rainy weather. The oriented tread pattern effectively squeezes the water out of the contact patch, the polished drainage grooves remove the main water flow, and the wider tyre tread allows to increase the contact patch area and the tyre traction coeffcient.